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Imelda, the bat that takes you back in time

The ISXP of the restoration of the Notre-Dame de Boulogne church

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Master Eugene, there you are at last. May I call you Eugene? I am a great admirer of yours. We are going to be able to restore the Notre-Dame church that is so dear to my heart. Come on Eugene, follow me - we have plenty of stones to clean... 

Who is this little purple animal, with big eyes and a heart-shaped mouth, who is speaking to the visitor in this way? It is the virtual character imagined by Realcast to lead the visitor into the rich history of the Notre-Dame de Boulogne church.

700 years of history

Reviewed in about ten minutes

Autumn 2018: the City of Boulogne-Billancourt wishes to organize an event to celebrate the 700 years of Boulogne's history. In partnership with the Studio Différemment, Realcast designed an ISXP (InSitu eXPerience) that is both educational and fun.

The construction of the Notre-Dame de Boulogne church is the founding act of the town; it is therefore to the history of this building that the ISXP designed by Realcast will be dedicated. Built from 1319, partly destroyed during the Revolution in 1792, classified as a historical monument in 1858, restored in 1860, the church still exists today. Tracing 700 years of history in a ten-minute experience: the challenge is huge.

A virtual character

To guide visitors

Conceived as a historical exploration, the ISXP of Boulogne adopts the point of view of Eugène Millet, the architect in charge of the restoration in 1860. The visitor is invited to identify as this historical character, by searching for information about the building and manipulating the virtual model of the Church.

His interlocutor is a sweet and endearing character, a small flying being who guides the visitor through history: our pretty bat Imelda. Sentimental, sometimes hesitant, clever, mischievous: it is a character with a complex personality who flies around the visitor throughout the experience.

Thanks to the intervention of Imelda, we move and interact. Here, we look for an object and take it; there we trigger an animation revealing a stage in the history of the church; elsewhere we follow a trail, and our gaze transforms the space in which we are. The hologram of the church evolves according to Imelda's instructions and the answers given to her. The small animal engages in a direct relationship with the visitor - the technology is quickly forgotten in favour of focusing on the mission it is assigned.

You too, come and greet Imelda in the Town Hall of Boulogne-Billancourt!

On display in the Hôtel de Ville de Boulogne-Billancourt (92), from 16 February to 12 May 2019.

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