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    eXtended Reality Experiences


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    Democratise the access to Culture and Education
    using eXtended Reality (XR) to provide natural and collaborative interaction.

    What is Augmented Reality - AR ?

    Augmented reality involves integrating holograms (virtual images) into the real world, which remains perceptible and accessible. In concrete terms, the user wears glasses which enable them to see their environment and to communicate with those around them, whilst also seeing highly realistic elements in 3D that have been added in, such as reconstitutions of furniture, characters or various objects.

    What is eXtended Reality - XR ?

    In the mixed world of augmented reality, extended reality makes it possible to increase the sensations. It enables an enriched experience to be designed not only in terms of vision but also hearing, smell, touch, spatial movement, manipulation and interaction.

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